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Improve your warehouse management faster, easier.

WDCS is a paperless WMS application that integrates with your ERP, allowing wireless Receipts of Goods, Stock Allocation, Cycle Count, Inventory
Adjustments, Picking and Shipping of Goods with rules established when the system is setup.


  • Multiple Warehouses

  • Receiving

  • Inventory Visibility

  • Cycle Counts

  • Inventory Transfers



Warehouse Management System

  • Picking

  • Shipping

  • Returns

  • Manage Real-Time Information

  • Connect with your ERP

Cloud-based and On-Premise

Warehouse Management System


Warehouse Management Software


WDCS Manager, the web-based back office part of the software, will help configure all transactions of the floor workers with reporting capabilities. An interface utility is used to download and upload information from ERP Platforms.



Mobile Warehouse Management Application



This simple and easy to use application will allow warehouse floor workers to automate and increase mobile transactions around the facility.


More Functionalities, More Transactions

Online Reports – Live dashboards with Graphical Reports of on-hand inventory, picking sequences, and more. You can even create your own custom report.


Serialized SKU Management– Manage serialized and catch weight SKU to reduce obsolete and soon-to-expire inventory in your warehouse.


Multi-Platform Mobility – Choose from a variety of mobile devices from commercial grade to rugged enterprise devices, between a SSH terminal access, Zebra Velocity, Android Touch (Android base) or Web Interface.



Ready-to-use, Off-the-shelf Connectors


WDCS supports integration to multiple ERPs such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, AX, SAP Business One, Sage, among others. Customer can develop own connectors using our SDK toolkit.