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Warehouse and Distribution Control System

Your Complete Warehouse Management System

WDCS is a warehouse management system that automates the handling of the inbound / outbound warehouse inventory transactions.


The system is designed to provide full inventory visibility while eliminating the manual data entry process and the use of paper. WDCS speeds up shipments, increases accuracy and improves customer satisfaction by having information in real-time. Standard APIs for integration to SAP Business One, SAGE 50 (Peachtree), SAGE 100, Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics GP and more.




 Receiving, Put Away, Transfers, Picking, Adjustments, Shipping and more!

Authorized Users

The system administrator has control of each user’s access.

Custom Reports

Create a report that connects to the database using an OLEDB connection.

Assign Locations

Define and assign locations and set default receiving locations for inventory.


Add or remove from inventory to adjust miscellaneous boxes using pre-defined reasons.


Cloud-based deployment for lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and faster speed to value.

Less Errors

Validate returns against historical product / lot number in inventory.


Receiving From Supplier or Customer

  • Purchase order selection or customer shipments
  • Item scanning
  • Quantity receipt
  • Bar code label printing for pallets
  • Putaway to preferred location



Inventory Management


Location Management

Picking Against Sales Orders

  • Wave and Order Picking Sequences.
  • Group by trips and operator assignment.
  • Select picking order.
  • Scan pallet to be picked and ship.


Inventory Visibility

  • Filter by product or location
  • Location and/or item scanning
  • Manually enter quantities
  • Transfers: Scan or enter new pallet/bin location for transfer

Inventory Visibility


Pre-Set Parameters

Configure workflows and parameters to personalize solution.

Boost Productivity

Automate warehouse transactions and processes.  Improve order picking time and product movements.