WDCS Warehouse Management For SAGE 50 and Sage 100

Get full visibility over your warehouse inventory and locations with Warehouse Management for Sage ERP.


WDCS for Sage 50 and Sage 100 provides real-time, accurate information of your stock, including receipt, locations and disposition of goods.


Prevent lost materials or delay of shipment caused by wrong inventory information. Comprehensive reports connected to Sage platform provide up-to-the-minute data and unlimited transaction histories for better planning and budgeting for your distribution business.


Warehouse Management System for SAGE 50 and SAGE 100

Multiple Warehouses 

Separate inventories can be maintained at any number of locations. Items can be easily transferred between warehouse locations.

Reduce Costs

Minimize inventory carrying costs and conduct cycle counts quickly and accurately.

Maximize Efficiencies 

Decrease warehouse labor costs and potential returns and penalties from your customers.

Inventory Management

Manage inventories in multiple warehouses and locations using FIFO, moving average, or standard cost metrics.

Flexible Item Management

Use UPCs, vendor’s number, special handling requirements information, and more.

Physical Count

Variance report provides data that highlights differences between current physical count and the count shown in the system.

Key Features

  • Warehouse Transaction History – A detailed history of all inventory transactions can be retained indefinitely, and a transaction audit trail can
    be produced for a specified date range.
  • Items/Serial/Lot Tracking – Items may be tracked by lot or serial number. This helps improve quality while providing an audit trail to
    the source purchase order or work order
  • Items/Locations Inquiry – View inventory items and drill down to all orders for that item and a specific customer. Details include order number, date, quantity, and packaging.